Anaphylaxis & Asthma Safe School Programme



Schools have a legal duty to make arrangements for supporting pupils with asthma and allergies, ensuring their physical safety, as well as addressing their emotional and social well-being.

Implementing a structured pathway for all pupils with asthma and allergies provides appropriate support at different stages as they progress through school years. Evidence indicates that empowering children and young people to manage their own medical conditions leads to better outcomes. Schools play a vital role in supporting pupils in this aspect through education programs and one-on-one support.

This Pupil Programme offers comprehensive training on establishing a robust pupil pathway throughout the school years, providing a range of tools and resources to support schools in achieving and implementing these measures.

The training is most relevant for the senior leadership team, SENCO, teachers, and staff involved in pupil admission processes.


PUPIL PROGRAMME LIVE VIRTUAL TRAINING (90 minutes, combined with Policy Training as part of the Gold package)

Book an interactive live virtual training session delivered by a specialist nurse with first-hand experience in safely managing pupils with asthma and allergies in schools.



  • Identifying pupils anaphylaxis and asthma
  • Creating a structured pathway for all key stages
  • How to obtain an Emergency Action Plan from GPs
  • Drawing up a comprehensive Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP)
  • Individual risk assessments & how to complete
  • Preparing the emergency grab bag
  • School trips, including travelling abroad (allergy passport)
  • Sharing of information with relevant people & GDPR 
  • Empowering the pupil to manage their allergies
  • Identifying psychosocial issues and how to manage living with the risk
  • How to build trusting relationships with parents



  • Flow chart overview – how to identify children with allergies
  • Checklist for pupil with allergies
  • IHCP templates
  • Emergency action plan templates
  • Initial risk assessment template
  • Draft letter/email requesting information from child’s GP/consultant
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We assist schools across the UK in establishing the Gold Standard for Anaphylaxis & Asthma Safe Schools.

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