eLearn’s – ‘Anaphylaxis & Allergies’ & ‘Asthma Awareness’ combined

eLearn’s –  ‘Anaphylaxis & Allergies’ & ‘Asthma Awareness’ combined

These accredited eLearn programmes are designed to be taken together since the two conditions are closely related and frequently coexist. The training will instruct staff on distinguishing between an asthma attack and a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis).

Anaphylaxis & Allergy Awareness (90 minutes)

This eLearn course provides knowledge on how to effectively handle pupils with allergies within the school setting. Its purpose is to provide essential knowledge to identify when a child or young person is experiencing a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis), the correct action to take and how to administer emergency medication.

The course also covers allergy avoidance in schools, addressing topics such as cross-contamination, reading food labels, and identifying hidden allergens in school environments.


Asthma Awareness (60 minutes)

This subsequent Asthma Awareness eLearn programme is designed to provide school staff with up-to-date information on managing children and young people with asthma in schools. The aim is to equip you with vital knowledge and skills to recognise when a pupil is experiencing asthma symptoms or an asthma attack, understand the correct actions to take, and learn how to reduce exposure to asthma triggers within the school environment.


What you should expect to learn:

By the end of this Anaphylaxis & Allergy Awareness Programme learners will:


By the end of this Asthma Awareness Programme learners will:


A certificate is awarded on completion of each course.

The cost for both accredited eLearn programs is £49 per person. Discounted quotes are available for large groups.

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