Anaphylaxis & Asthma Safe School Programme

Anaphylaxis & Asthma Safe School Programme

The number of pupils with asthma and allergies is increasing every year, and these conditions are closely related. Moreover, both conditions are potentially life-threatening and unpredictable.

In accordance with the guidelines outlined in ‘Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions at School’ (DfE 2015), it is essential that all schools implement a robust management plan to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for pupils at risk of anaphylaxis and those with asthma and allergies. Our Anaphylaxis & Asthma Safe School Programme assists schools in meeting these statutory requirements.

The program is designed and delivered by a team of specialist nurses with current clinical practice in school nursing and a wealth of experience working in partnership with schools.

Asthma & Allergy-Friendly School Programme
The 5 P's

The Anaphylaxis & Asthma Safe School Programme integrates current evidence-based practices and statutory requirements across five key areas:

  • Professionals (training all school staff in anaphylaxis and asthma)
  • Prevention (incorporating allergy avoidance protocols and strategies across the school)
  • Peers (educating pupils across all year groups)
  • Pupil (establishing pathways for pupils with allergies and asthma)
  • Policy (developing a school anaphylaxis & asthma management plan)

Anaphylaxis & Asthma Safe School Package Options

In our experience, many schools have segments of best practice in place but may require support in specific areas.

For this reason, schools have the option of signing up for one of three memberships: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Click on the + sign next to the name below to choose the package that best suits your school’s needs.

Bronze Package


The Bronze package includes Asthma, Anaphylaxis, & Allergy Awareness training for every member of the school staff, including midday assistants and after-school club staff.

Best practice requires a minimum of 95% of school staff to be trained

Bronze package includes:

PROFESSIONALS Programme (whole school staff training)

  • Schools book a 90-minute live virtual training session delivered by a specialist nurse OR staff complete two eLearning programmes (Asthma Awareness, & Anaphylaxis & Allergy Awareness).
  • Both options are high impact accredited training with CPD points.


Staff training data reports

  • Monthly reports to monitor staff training.
  • Identifies staff who have completed the training.
  • Alerts when certificate due to expire.

Monthly updates

  • Staff receive monthly curated updates to refresh knowledge & keep informed of new recommendations.


  • Information sheets.
  • Posters.

Cost: £395 (annual subscription)

Silver Package


The Silver package includes all the content from the Bronze package, along with additional training and resources focused on allergy prevention, as well as an education programme designed to be presented across key stages. This is particularly relevant for teachers and classroom-based staff.

Silver package includes:




  • 90-minute live virtual training session on allergy awareness and promoting a safe school environment free from allergens and irritants.
  • covers strategies for asthma and allergy avoidance, preventing cross-contamination, reading food labels, and completing comprehensive risk assessments.


  • Risk assessment templates
  • Classroom posters



The 90-minute training also includes:

  •  Delivering the asthma & allergy education programme across key stages.
  • Strategies for preventing bullying & promoting inclusion.


  • Ready to use pupil lesson plans, education materials (including games & activities), assembly PowerPoints & case studies.



  • Resources & newsletter templates are provided to send home to all families, sharing information on asthma & allergies.

Cost: £595 (annual subscription)

Gold Package


The Gold package includes all content from the Bronze and Silver packages, along with additional information and training on policies, procedures, and creating pathways for pupils with asthma and allergies. This additional content is most suitable for the senior leadership team and the school SENCO.

Gold package includes:




PUPIL Pathway

  • 90-minute live virtual session on managing pupils with asthma & allergies throughout all school years.


  • Includes templates for pupil assessment, Individual Health Care Plans (IHCP), and emergency action plans, along with a ‘how to access health professionals’ flowchart, posters, and information sheets.



The 90-minute training also includes:

  • Developing a whole-school asthma & allergy management plan.


  • Asthma & allergy policy templates, emergency response plan, procedures for accessing and storing emergency inhalers and AAI’s, flow charts, managing medicines procedure, information sheets & posters.



Accredited eLearn programme for staff responsible for managing & administering medicines in school.

Cost: £795 (annual subscription)

Additional Content

Managing medicines training is a statutory requirement for all staff responsible for managing and administering medication in school.

The Gold package includes an accredited Managing Medicines eLearn module, covering all aspects of safe medication handling in schools.

This interactive e-learning programme provides an overview of the legal responsibilities and requirements for administering medication in schools, offering staff a comprehensive understanding  of their roles and responsibilities.

Staff will gain an understanding of different types, categories, and routes of medication. The e-learning module covers the safe handling, storage, and administration of medication in the school environment, emphasising the importance of accurate record-keeping.

Asthma & Allergy-Friendly School Programme
Take the Scorecard

Discover how your school is currently performing in managing anaphylaxis and asthma, and meeting statutory requirements.

The Gold Standard Anaphylaxis & Asthma Safe School AWARD

Schools that successfully implement statutory guidance and best practices in the approved ‘5 Key Areas’ receive The Gold Standard Anaphylaxis & Asthma Safe School Certificate & Crest.

The certificate can be framed and displayed in the school reception area, and the logo presented on websites and school stationery, to showcase your school’s high performance and commitment to managing pupils with allergies and asthma safely.

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