Training Courses

First Aid For Schools

Emergency First Aid at Work for Schools (1 day)

This Emergency First Aid at Work course has been adapted to suit the particular needs presented by the school environment, conforms to the standards required by law and is in line with HSE, DfE and Ofsted guidance....
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Emergency Paediatric First Aid Training Course (6 hour)

Ideal for those working in an Early Years setting where other staff hold a Full Paediatric First Aid certificate, or for nannies and au pairs who wish to register with OFSTED on the Voluntary Register....
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Full Paediatric First Aid (12 hour) Training Course

Suitable for nursery and school staff dealing with Foundation Stage, children’s centres staff, childminders, crèche staff and anybody who interacts with children and would like a more in-depth training on Paediatric First Aid. ...
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Full Paediatric First Aid Training (12 hour) Blended Learning

This course combines one day of focused practical training with 4-6 hours of interactive E-learning and meets all EYFS and Ofsted regulatory requirements. An innovative way of learning which reduces time spent in the training room and allows flexible study....
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First Aid at Work for Schools (2 days plus eLearn)

Suitable for those who need to be First Aiders in the Workplace in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and specifically tailored to be relevant to the school environment. ...
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AED (Defibrillator) & CPR Training

This 3 hour programme gives you the necessary knowledge and confidence to perform Basic Life Support and to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) safely and effectively. This training is recommended for staff in the workplace environment who have access to a defibrillator....
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First Aid (for schools) Annual Refresher 3 hour

Under current guidelines it is strongly recommended that First Aid trained staff attend a half-day update every twelve months. This 3 hour programme covers bespoke First Aid topics specific to schools. ...
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First Aid Training Courses for Pupils

Pupils will learn basic life support skills, what to do in an emergency and treatment for common accidents and illnesses most relevant to them. The time and length of courses can be adapted to your requirements....
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Baby and Toddler First Aid Course

This 2 hour course focuses on all aspects of First Aid crucial for those looking after a new baby and/or toddler and is ideal for parents, grandparents, family members, baby sitters and child carers who would like to know what to do if their baby or toddler had an accident or medical emergency. ...
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What our delegates say about us:

‘Anna was very engaging, knowledgeable and fun. Her real life examples and understanding of schools ensured we stayed interested. One of the best first aid courses I have attended.’

‘Tutor was friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and fun. Thank you very much.’

As well as learning how to deal with emergency situations the background to why things happen was very interesting and helpful’.

‘Excellent teacher who explained everything clearly’. Best training I have attended in 17 years!

‘Excellent training. We were all given the chance to raise questions and queries that we had. An excellent course. Very informative. Plenty of hands on and practical exercise of CPR’