Asthma & Allergy-Friendly School Programme



Keeping pupils with allergies safe in schools is not just about knowing what to do in an emergency; it is also about preventing pupils from being exposed to the allergen that causes the allergic reaction.

Many schools have a nut ban in place. However, current thinking is that this leads to a false sense of security as schools cannot prevent nuts from inadvertently coming into the building. Currently, best practice guidance is for a school to be “allergy-aware” not “allergy-free” and to educate the school community in this approach.

This interactive prevention programme provides comprehensive training on how to reduce the risk of exposure to allergens and how to implement the specific tools and resources provided. It is most relevant for teachers and class-based staff who directly support pupils with asthma and allergies. Strategies to adopt a whole school approach are also included.



Book a 90-minute interactive live virtual training session delivered by a specialist nurse with first-hand experience of implementing prevention strategies in schools. This training can be attended by all school staff.


  • Prevention protocol – a whole school approach
  • Alternatives to whole school banning
  • Allergy avoidance strategies
  • Classroom modifications
  • Reading food labels
  • Cross contamination
  • Non-food incentives for prizes, gifts, and awards
  • Managing use of food in the curriculum
  • Preparing for offsite trips
  • Catering at school
  • Increased risk in teenagers
  • Communicating with parents
  • Risk assessments (classroom, dining hall, school transport, PE & out of school activities)



  • School risk assessment
  • School allergy protocol check list
  • A4 posters – allergy aware classroom, keeping friends safe, classroom safety rules
  • Information sheets that summarise information given on the course



The Prevention Programme costs £295.

A School Certificate is awarded on completion of the course. This can be framed and displayed in the school reception area to showcase your school’s high performance and
commitment to safely managing pupils with asthma and allergies.

Training is tailored to your school requirements and delivered on a date and time that suits you.



Professionals Programme: £395

Prevention Programme: £295

Peers Programme: £295

Pupil Programme: £295

Policy Programme: £295

Full package (all 5 programmes):  £1,500

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